Day 48 :: Sem Inspiração

Fragments of Ibirapuera Park and the Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo.

Yet another rainy day in this perpetually overcast city. After talking with some travelers who recently came from South Africa I became worried; lesser so by the fact that Cape Town and Joberg are two of the most unsafe cities (currently) in the world, but more on account of VISA related issues. Looking into it further, apparently American citizens are almost guaranteed to be denied admission to the country unless two full, blank pages remain in their passports. Unluckily for me, this late-learned fact may prevent, or in the least, delay the continuation of my trip. Early tomorrow I will contact the American Embassy, SouthAfrican Airlines, and my travel agent back in Chicago to confirm these issues and restructure my itinerary.

The bureaucratic problems of today forced me to cancel my plans with Angelo Bucci, a friend of the many architects I have met throughout the continent and famed Brazilian Contemporary architect/professor/writer. Our rendezvous will have to wait.


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