Day 44 :: Monumentalismo Branco

Almost the rest of Oscar Niemeyer: the Congresso Nacional, the Panteao da Patria Tancredo Neves, the Supremo Tribunal Federal, the Palacio da Justica and a play on the Congress’ facade.

The message of today is more of the same from yesterday. I somewhat intentionally skipped some of the farther out projects, for example the Palacio da Alvorada, because after seeing the work shown above, I simply couldn’t stomach to encounter more whimsy. I’ve come to the conclusion that Niemeyer’s work falls into one of two camps: trite and comical structural expressionism plastered (no puns intended) onto relatively banal glass boxes and juvenile massing that makes itself accessible to a broad, under-educated and uninformed general populace. This isn’t architecture and you don’t need more than three flights and two days to see it and dismiss it.

Leaving for Sao Paolo in the morning – my last stop in South America.


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