Day 41 :: Esboçar Cegamente

From the sketchbook today. I have just filled the last page of my third 240-page moleskin thus far – disregarding personal notes and wasted space, it comes out to roughly 600 drawings in 40 days, or 15 a day since Day 1.

Damn you delicious, local bar-b-query and the aftermath of digesting your greasy treats; alas sickness has caught up to me once again on this trip. Having to cancel my plans for the day, I decided to instead take a breather and draw the day away.

In the morning several people at the hostel were on their way to one of the famous ‘Favela Tours’ organized by the local tourism industry and tried to convince me to join. Although I am desperately interested to see the organization and layout of some of the worst/most dangerous communities in the Western hemisphere, out of good conscious I simply couldn’t bring myself to do it. There is something far too subhuman about paying to essentially vacation in someone else’s poverty – previous visitors compared it, enthusiastically that is, as visiting a zoo. How sad. Some people justified it by claiming to be funding the improvement of the neighborhood they were visiting, but as ill-logic and short-sightedness seem to be an incurable plague, they fail to realize the companys heading the tours have no incentive to fix the favelas for their business would then simply disappear. But low and behold, today, as well as tomorrow and the next, a steady stream of clientele will pour into the ghettos of Brazil snapping away thousands of pictures and reinforce proof of the failed project of humanity.

In other news a professor from the University of Tehran’s School of Architecture recently got in touch with me regarding my research from 2008 – which lead to the eventual exhibition in the Yale School of Architecture – on the topic of Iranian architecture. More specifically, the project was named “Aberrance + Autonomy: The Origins of a New Formal Language”, and it has generated some interest back in my motherland; though nothing is definite, there are some talks about inviting me to give a series of lectures to discuss the motivation for the project and its outcome.

Or perhaps all some elaborate ploy to imprison me? Knowing the duplicitous nature of an Islamist government, it very well may be both.


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