Day 34 :: New Readership, New City

A map of my travels, conducted on the first of two fellowships thus far (and where I am loosely planning on continuing on to), a building in Montevideo done by a disciple of Dieste, Vinoly’s newly finished airport, and more from the sketchbook. I’ve decided to start some sort of superimposition of what I am drawing and where I drew it, as I rarely have the patience to blindly draw the buildings in front of me.

It has come to my attention that a good friend and co-creator of Archinect recently posted a link to this blog for the architecture world to see (; I noticed primarily because site traffic jumped from the usual approx. 150 visitors to some +1800. Good to know the readership has expanded – in the very least I hope I can drive a wedge in the crack that is the general ignorance of Euro-American architectural culture and make some of these works only slightly more accessible. Feedback is much appreciated.

After a brief mention of Perspecta the other day, a good deal of my non-architecture friends inquired as to what I was referring to, so I thought I would address that as well. In the spring of 2008 two colleagues and myself were awarded the ‘editorship’ for the 43rd installment of the Yale School of Architecture’s journal; the theme of our issue is TABOO. The publication is due to release in October 2010 and as such is in its final stages of editing and coordinating for which my overly worked (s0rry!) colleagues – John Capen Brough and Seher Erdogan – and myself are working towards its completion.

Back to the trip. After some long delays due to sever thunderstorms I made it to Asuncion, a sweltering landlocked city in the heart of the continent. There is a lot to see here, but it’s nearly impossible to find. Through some friends in Quito and Santiago, I have been in touch with Solano Benitez, Javier Corvalán, and José Cubilla – probably the most important contemporary figures in the country. A quick Google search will offer a glimpse into their wildly interesting projects, for which I hope to see in the next few days. This evening I am meeting Lolia Lavand, a young architect and adjunct professor who has kindly offered to show me around town. Tomorrow, more meetings and hopefully a successful day 1 of the grand tour of what this city has to offer.


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