Day 30 :: Xul Solar

Museo Xul Solar (photos not by myself) and some more from the sketchbook.

This morning I met up Trisan Dieguez at his office and he graciously showed me his work, introduced me to a few people at the office and gave me pointers on what to see / who to meet up with on the rest of my trip. With forays at various universities back in the US and elsewhere abroad, and work experience with Cesar Pelli in New Haven, and a couple of mutual friends, we had much to discuss. Some hours later I went out in search for a few smaller, private projects in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires by Dieguez, Klotz, and the like and headed back to the Xul Solar Museum by architect Pablo Tomas Beitia. Fortunately I was able to get in, unfortunately my camera’s battery died – the images above are collected from elsewhere. An interesting quote by the artist whose work is primarily exhibited here:

“Although this is a time when art is more individual and arbitrary than ever, it would be a mistake to call it anarchic. In spite of so much confusion, there exists a well-defined tendency toward simplicity of means, toward clear and solid architecture, toward the pure plastic sense that protects and accents abstract meanings of line, mass, and color, all within a complete liberty of subject and composition… Let us admit, in any case, that among us now – if mostly still hidden – are many or all of the seeds of our future art, and not in museums overseas, and not in the homes of famous foreign dealers. Let us honor the rare ones, our rebellious spirits who, like this artist, before denying others, find affirmation in themselves; that instead of destroying, seek to build. Let us honor those who struggle so that the soul of our country can be more beautiful. Because the wars of independence for our America are not yet over…”

Little else of interest to report, though this is my last evening in the city; tomorrow, Montevideo.


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