Day 27 :: Clorindo Testa

Clorindo Testa’s Banco de Londres and the Biblioteca Nacional (with the national cemetery in between).

I stayed up quite late last night, having a drink for the third time of this trip, with a German freelance film editor staying in my flat named Markus. On his way back from the outskirts of Buenos Aires, taping a new commercial for Volkswagen, he was passing through town on his way back home to Hanover. A sharp, witty bastard with a good sense of the arts, we became instant friends. He asked to join me in my conquest today, knowing I had a carefully plotted out map of important projects to visit, courtesy of a good friend/past classmate of mine who was a native here.

We woke up early and were accompanied by a South African girl named Lorenza whom recently finished her degree in Philosophy (concentrating on Nietzsche’s Perspectivism) back in Cape Town. We perused the city at a more leisurely pace which was a welcome change from the somewhat obsessive mentality I’ve had thus far. We saw a good 10 projects, most notably the Late-Modernist/Brutalist works of Argentinan Rationalist Clorindo Testa (pictured above).

We returned early to escape the blistering heat and rested up before an epic meal of traditional Argentinan BBQ. A good end to a good day.\

Tomorrow, more Testa and a Moneo (+some Andy Warhol).


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