Day 26 :: (Southern) Capital of Europe

Buenos Aires, sketches from the airport, and the shadow of Clorindo Testa.

Last night I stayed up packing with some new flat mates from Italy, Canada, and Colombia, half watching the Super Bowl. My early departure from Santiago meant being at the airport for a good part of the day and the undisturbed opportunity to draw (above). I can feel my hand changing in my drawings; a better grasp of blind-perspective, more control over hatching and projected shadows, a more focused sense of narrative in the subject of my obsessions…though I still can’t seem to draw a vertical line.

I arrived to Buenos Aires, and I must admit, it is the first city I unquestionably like. Though it’s economy is largely suffering on account of an inept President being handed decades of political headache (sounds familiar), the beautiful people of this city seem to go on without a trace of worry. The cityscape is somewhere between Chicago and New York in scale and somewhere between Paris and Berlin in style, with a sprinkle of Gotham City in for good measure.

I walked around to get my bearings in yet another city, which seems to come more easily now with a little practice, caught a quick dinner of heavy meat, and returned to the hostel to ‘unpack’ and get to know some of my new co-inhabitants. Off for drinks with South African Elizabisa before a full-week in this vibrant city.


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