Day 25 :: Límite de la Ciudad

The only Mathias Klotz building I could find, a small Chapel, and the rest of the Catholic University campus.

Everything is closed on Sundays in Santiago. I couldn’t find even a quick bite to eat before getting on the Metro and taking it to the end of the line. I was able to track down one of Klotz’s most seminal projects, the Altamira School on the edge of the city, and went on this quest to get there. The plan was to take a taxi down the 4 kilometers from the end of the line, but the area was unusually vacant. Oh how disappointing; The building looked nothing like it was supposed to and was completely fenced off. Not one person was in sight and I was determined to fully see what I made this journey for.

I dropped my bag and began climbing the fence, curious as to why they built the fence so low, knowing anyone could just make their way over; as I got to the top I sat there for a moment and realized there were five security dogs waiting for me to descent. They were as hungry as I was, and I wasn’t about to feed them without having eaten myself first. ‘Shit,” I thought and went back. I took what photos I could and made the trip back to the Metro – and back to the Campus from yesterday.

Benjamin made reference to the Chapel pictured above, by a famous Chilean architect whose name escapes me, and the rest of the buildings are from smaller offices around the city. All very clean formally. Exhausted early, I headed ‘home’ and watched TV – mindless salvation!

Tomorrow, Buenos Aires.


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