Day 24 :: Attempting Aravena

Alejandro Aravena’s Siamese Towers and College of Mathematics on the Catholic Univerisity of Chile campus in Santiago.

Not much to report on the personal front; stayed up late with two guys from Melbourne, a guy from Bogota, two Chilean’s who run the hostel and a girl from Ireland swapping stories and defending our homelands from gross, international stereotypes.

I took the subway today out to the southeastern area of Santiago known as La Florida and onto the Catholic University’s campus. Scheduling conflicts prevented me from meeting any more contacts, including Aravena himself, yet I was able to find enough to see to keep my occupied through the rest of my occupation in Chile. I was only able to make it to these two projects before security guards told me the area was closed – the first, (semi-)newly completed multipurpose building and second, what’s regarded as one of the architect’s best (and earliest) projects, the College of Mathematics. The former was in terrible shape.

I plan to return tomorrow to the campus in search of a few more buildings I know are hiding there, and find a way to Mathias Klotz’s Colegio Altamaria.


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