Day 21 :: Arte de Calle


Yesterday amidst the madness of the streets I passed some old ladies selling hand made oil pastels (or so I thought) and decided to seek them out once again to buy some for my brother back home. Some hours later, lost in the sea of pear-shaped women with firmly fastened Charlie Chopin-eque hats and sacks full of babies and food stuffs, I luckily found the women only to find that I was wrong. Disappointed I ventured towards the graffiti gallery I mentioned yesterday.

Along the way I couldn’t help but notice the largeer-than-expected presence of Westerners roaming the streets. Their natural height didn’t give them away so much as their goonish fascination with “experiencing an indigenous culture,” for which I will never understand. Their dreadlocks and bright eyed optimism at experiencing a culture that in their very core they are simply pitying, is obnoxious at best. At least I thought I was going to find something here.

Regardless, back at the gallery I met a new cat by the name of SERES, a 20 year old guy whose been writing for several years now. I sat and drew beside him as he worked on his piece and we made plans to go out later tonight to tag; it’s been a good while since I’ve done the whole guerrilla artist thing, but hopefully I am not too rusty.

At dinner this older woman sitting next to me leans over and asked, “what is a handsome man like you eating alone?” I laughed and just said I’m traveling alone. We got to talking and it turns out her advances were less the work of a cougar, rather she worked as Marketing Director for Movistar (a large telecommunications company in South America) and said I would make a good model for their advertising campaign. Imagine that. I took her card but don’t intend on becoming the poster child for cellphone usage in the third world.

Unfortunately the last thing I will bring with me tonight is a camera, so a story in the morning will have to suffice. Tomorrow: Santiago, Chile.


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