Day 18 :: (Kind of) PREVI

Article published in VOLUME by SUPERSUDACA (Felix Madrazo, Juan Pablo Corvolan, Manuel de Rivero) and more sketches.

Last night was another sleepless night, with thoughts of the countless steps ahead of me drowning out the possibility of a good night’s rest. I went down stairs to draw and found some company – a young waitress from Haifa and an elder archeologist from Jerusalem. As I drew we swapped life stories and relayed advice to one another about different places we had/would be traveling to. As all polite conversation with strangers go, it quickly devolved into the nasty realm of politics. The older gentleman and myself exchanged several sharp criticisms back and forth while the young girl just roller her eyes and excused herself for bed. Tired from arguing, I finally made it to bed.

Today I ventured out in search of PREVI – both lucky and unlucky for me, I happened to have forgotten my camera so I have no pictures to relay. Given the neighborhood, beyond the industrial district some 10km northeast of the city center, walking around snapping photos would have been a bad idea; it has become what all social housing projects have become – originally a modernist ambition to alleviate housing shortages/living conditions/the geographic proximity of the working class, but succumbing to turbulent economic pressures/failing educational systems/troubled bureaucracies, they have become ghettos. Finally adopting a proposal by Also van Eyke, 500 units were deployed,  “in a remarkable effort to use innovative housing to help the low-income sectors of the Third World: the Experimental Housing Project (PREVI).”

In lieu of having photographs, I uploaded a recent article published in VOLUME (without explicit written consent) co-written by an architect here in Lima, and one of the founding members of Supersudaka, Manuel de Rivero. For architecture nerds, it will suffice.

I got back to my hostel and loafed around, drawing to overcome boredom as the blazing day passed on. I tried sitting in a hammock here in the garden, as friends and loved ones insist that I learn to relax, but it felt awkward and childish so I went back to drawing. A bit later on the three Brazilian’s I’m sharing a room with invited me out to dinner – after about thirty minutes of oh-so-casually walking from place to place I got a little antsy, made up some outlandish lie and excused myself. Back ‘home’ finally and repacking for my departure to La Paz, Bolivia tomorrow afternoon.


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