Day 12 :: [nothing]

Unfortunately the projects above I did not see today; they are courtesy of Longhi Architects and Plataforma Arquitectura.

Late last night I became violently ill in the confines of my tiny room in the hostel. What made the experience worse was the blaring Black Eyed Peas my neighbors downstairs thought would be great to play on repeat. Long story short, I was up until the morning ‘dealing’ with what is either simply food poisoning (damn you Colonel Sanders in all of your deep fried glory) or the beginnings of some form of Malaria (probably not). Maybe yesterday was a foreshadow of the terrible events of today.

I woke up and groaned for someone to give me sympathy, but since I know no one here (let alone poorly speak Spanish) I knew that my childish yearning for that kind of motherly affection one seeks in times of sickness was to fall on deaf ears. I attempted to go on with my day; of course I made it to the American Embassy 3 minutes after they closed an had to turn around.

Today I was supposed to meet Luis Longhi (the architect of the projects pictured above) but due to my illness had to cancel. What a shame! I was very interested to meet the man with such a radical formal sensibility in a place that is so clean and contemporary. Luckily he has invited me to visit Casa Pachacamac tomorrow morning; afterwards I have a meeting with Manuel de Rivero, one of the founding members of the Berlage based Supersudaca.


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