Day 1 :: Connection Juarez

A mere 19 hours later via a chaotic connection through the Benito Juárez International Airport (Mexico City), alas, I have finally arrived to my place of rest for the next  four nights, in the Candelaria neighborhood of Bogota, Colombia.

I made friends with a Colombian engineer, Ivan Dussan on the second leg of the trip with whom I shared the turbulent flight with; he kindly showed me the short cuts through the circus that is the airport but every time he picked up his phone I couldn’t help but wonder if his “assistance” would eventually lead to petty robbery. I may need to learn to put to rest the paranoid, misanthropic intuition only a jaded student of architecture would have at the age of 25.

Unfortunately I couldn’t reach my camera to capture anything before making to my hostel; from first glimpse, it is an astonishing city. I couldn’t help but feel like the modern city was always beyond reach and that your immediate surrounds paralleled Trenton, NJ. Both Ivan and the young woman running the hostel told me to never hail a cab on the street and never be out past sunset. I can’t help but think of Alvaro Velez’ haunting words:

“No one can feel as the owner of this country . We must all suffer Colombia.”

Tomorrow :: meeting Camilo Santamaria and hopefully Giancarlo Mazzanti


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