Day 49 :: Hiatus

Two depictions of Sao Paulo – the international hub of culture, commerce, and metropolitan life; and the layer of working-class poverty beneath (and around). And finally, one (temporarily) last sketch. Good news and bad news today. First with the bad: to ensure a problem free trek through Africa and avoid diplomatic issues in, say, Namibia […]

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Day 48 :: Sem Inspiração

Fragments of Ibirapuera Park and the Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo. Yet another rainy day in this perpetually overcast city. After talking with some travelers who recently came from South Africa I became worried; lesser so by the fact that Cape Town and Joberg are two of the most unsafe cities (currently) in […]

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Yale School of Architecture [2009]
University of Illinois [2006]
Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture [2005]
Richard Meier & Partners
Ten.Two | architektur.produkte.grafiken
Coop Himmelb(l)au
Yale Building Project
ESKQ animation: art+architecture
Studio Zoka Zola
Digital Media / John Eberhart
Senior Design Studio / Steven Harris
Visual Studies / Peter Eisenman
Design Reconnaissance / Mark Gage
Computational Aesthetics / Martin Tamke
Perspecta 43: TABOO / Co-Editor
“Urban Follies + The Apolitical” / LOG 18
SCARCity / Wallpaper* Magazine: Graduate Directory
Aberrance + Autonomy / Yale SoA Gallery
Change for Chocolate Auction / Slaymaker Gallery
2009 SOM Prize for Architecture
William Wirt Winchester Fellowship
Herman D.J. Spiegel Scholarship
Cesar Pelli Scholarship
H.I. Feldman Prize nominee
George Nelson Scholarship
Bronze Tablet
Meril Vaky Award for Excellence
Earl Prize for Design Excellence